The Hearts@876 Foundation was founded in June 2022 and was formed out of the passion of giving back. The idea fuel by this passion was aimed at improving the state of our people in Jamaica, one gift-giving at a time. It was evident that many Jamaicans overseas and at home have the passion to contribute to the great nation, but a lot of the unfortunate stories are not being told or even exposed. The Hearts@876 Foundation seeks to share these stories and is committed to make life-enriching contributions from fellow citizens with each initiative. The Foundation wishes to encourage a “do-nation” that offers commitment, drive and volunteerism.

Our History

Our Mission and Purpose

The Hearts@876 Foundation is committed to impacting the lives of our fellow Jamaicans one story at a time by creating interest among the nation to join hands in each initiative. Through good citizenship and community development each Jamaican dedicates time and resources to uplift each other. The Foundation seeks to do this through social development, medical, educational, and charitable initiatives throughout the year and partner with individuals and organizations to make them possible.

Our Committee Members